30 May 2013

~~~ Homemake Yoghurt 自制乳酸 ~~~

     ~~~   这乳酸机是妹妹凤诗送的。很方便,只要把乳酸粉放进盒子里搅拌,再加上喜欢
               的水果汁,倒进乳酸机里,放进冰箱冷冻一个晚上。隔天就可以食用了。  ~~~

                                                     Is real & fresh , to make yoghurt at home,
                                                     with a Yoghurt Maker。Home make yoghurt is 
                                                     good & healthy, because is without artificial colours
                                                     & preservatives.......it can promotes healthy
                                                     microbial balance in digestive system & stimulates growth.........

                                                      ~~~   It taste the same as the yughurt sales in the market   ~~~

      ~~~   Use to make fresh yoghurt without preservatives is really good & healthy   ~~~

~~~  Yoghurt maker together with these two mixing containers~~~

~~~  This thick & creamy yoghurt powder is use to make fresh yoghurt.......
   a very healthy drink ..........is quite expensive, retail price
 Rm 18/=  per pack (220g )   ~~~


Unknown said...

May I know where to buy this yogurt powder because I have a yogurt maker similar too

fonglim1954@blogspot.com said...

Goh Jia En

My sis bought f me,she got it at
Vegetarian Shop ( 素食专门店 )。。。
together with yoghurt maker !