8 Oct 2013

~~ ♥ Tiramisu ~ ♥ ~ 意大利芝士蛋糕 ♥ ~~

~~   (ˇˍˇ) 想~做了很久,今天终于动手做了。。。好好吃(⊙o⊙)哦 !~~


~~~   大盒庄的,可以三到四个好友一起共享。。。。。。



~~~  心形小盒,有盖,美观和大方。。。。

~~~  醇香的鲜奶油,加上浓浓的咖啡,wahhh。。。。好吃  !~~~

                                                      意大利芝士蛋糕  Tiramisu

O(∩_∩)O谢谢 :
食谱可以参考这个网址 :

Recipes : -
1) Whole egg X 3
2) Mascarpone cheese - 500g 
3) Vanilla extract - 1 tea spoon
4) Espresso instant coffee powder - 1 full spoon
5) Baileys russian wine - Half bowl
6) Whipping cream - 250ml
7) Pure cocoa powder - 1 full spoon
8) Italian ladyfingers - 1 whole pack
9) 50g white sugar

Step 1) Prepare espresso coffee liquid
Put a full spoon of espresso coffee powder into a filter bag and put it inside a bowl, make sure you close the filter bag so when later on we add hot water to the bowl, the powder won't float around everywhere. 

As later on when we soak our ladyfinger into the bowl, it won't soak up together with the coffee powder :P.

Add half bowl of hot water and set this aside first.

Step 2) Whisk egg yolk mixture
Separate the 3 whole eggs, this time we want the egg yolk.

Put the 3 egg yolk into a mixing bowl and add 25g of white sugar. Whisk until the mixture become creamy and start to turn lighter in color.

Then we add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and whisk again... beat it up until while you put your whisk up and the liquid just enough for you to write a letter... mum... how to explain...!?
little bit gluey sticky but a few second later the trace disappear.... OMG... I hope you get what I mean :P so difficult to explain.

Maybe you can check out the video for more accurate "VISUAL" ^^ 

Step 3) Add cheese
After you finish whisking the egg yolk, add the whole box of 500g mascarpone cheese... just dump it all in and start folding in until you get a smooth mixture.

Step 4) Whisk whipping cream
In another mixture bowl, add 250ml of whipping cream...  and start whisking until the cream become creamy thick and stiff. ^^

Step 5) Whisking egg white mixture
Again in another mixing bowl, add the remaining 25g of white sugar into the 3 egg white. Whisk until the egg white become fluffy and when you whole your whisk up, the mixture won't fall down back to the bowl.

Step 6) Mix in all 3 mixture.
In sequence of adding the egg white and whipping cream back to the cheese and egg yolk mixture. Mix well all the ingredient. You will finally get a paste like creamy mixture.

Okay so far we have all the calories burn in whisking all the mixture, is time for some relaxing work.

Step 7) Layering
Remember we have prepared the espresso coffee right at the beginning?  Yup... is time to use it.

So we prepare a deep glass container, we dip our ladyfingers into the espresso coffee, just a touch of coffee at both side of the ladyfingers is enough.

Then we layer the ladyfingers at the bottom of the glass container 1 by 1. After we fill up the bottom with a layer of ladyfingers, we add our creamy cheese mixture, I put about two scoop just to make sure it covers up all the ladyfingers.

Then we start doing 2nd layer. Repeat the whole process but instead of using espresso coffee, we use Baileys russian wine, just to have a taste of its creamy coffee flavor... mum... nice~

After that repeat the process for the 3rd and 4th layers, until your fill up to the top and make sure the cream cheese mixture cover all the ladyfingers on the most top layer.

Step 8) Put it inside the fridge
Put the whole thing into the fridge, just the normal food section, don't have to put it up to the ice section. :P Then let it sit there for at least 4-6 hours before you eat.

Step 9) Finishing touch of cocoa powder
After a few hours, before you eat it... just to add a full spoon of pure cocoa powder to the top, adding an extra touch of cocoa flavor~ mum~

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